Some hot new updates just dropped in Trapcode, VFX Suite, Magic Bullet, and Universe! Trapcode Particular now has Combustion and Stroke from Parent. Stroke From Parent instantly produces a smooth, seamless tail from each of the parent particles - even with heavy displacement! Combustion adds realistic thermal dynamics to fluid simulations for better fire and smoke effects. Real Lens Flares has some big updates! Now, you can drive your flares with lights in After Effects. Position, of course, but you can also affect the appearance of your flare based on cone angle, feather, and direction. There's a new Ring core projection and Schmutz can now be illuminated with the background as well as the flare. And, for performance, enabling Draft Mode for the layer Real Lens Flares is applied to in After Effects provides a fast, low-resolution solution for working and animating faster while still preserving the beautiful high quality you want in a final render. Plus, for folks using Real Lens Flares in Premiere Pro, you can add dimension to your shot with the 2D + Distance feature. Magic Bullet Looks in After Effects now recognizes your OCIO configuration so you don't need to worry about any mismatch between your project settings color management or footage interpretation and Looks. We've also added some new presets based on popular films. Universe also gained over 50 new presets to jump start your creative workflow. With this release, we've made almost all of our tools available in Japanese and Chinese! Now, many of our artists will be able to use these tools in their native language. (We plan to bring Chinese and Japanese language support to Form and Supercomp in a future release.)