SMART Bangladesh is the vision of SMART economy based on new Bangladesh focused on 4 pillar 

1.Smart Economy

2.Smart Cityzen

3. Smart Government 

4. Smart Society 

To build up new smart society in Bangladesh by 2041. It’s important to ensure the increasing of purchasing power parity of the consumers. But inflation of the recent time has become the impediment of the Smart society. So, general people, business people & Government will have to come forward to make sure of health benefit, nutrition. Now, Government has to be more focused on IT infrastructure and the affordability of the citizen. To achieve $12000 per capita,  inflation rates should be reduced below the 6% immediately. Smart people needs smart access of high speed Network, smart responsibility of society. Though many initiatives have already been taken by the government like but many more have to be done in near future. By 2031, many international organisations forcasted that Bangladesh will be Asian tiger in Asia. This prediction only be come true when citizen will get smart livelihood.